welcome to Equiventure! Established in June 2016 EV is an active, welcoming, and relatively unlimited real life equestrian rpg. We focus both on day-to-day life and competitions.
wellington, FL
FORECAST: hot & humid.
set in October, 2017

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 the awards
o' great one
Site Mommy
Dating a Viking.
Award Info
The OOC Awards
Awarded for things outside of the RP boards. Check out the list below...

  • "Taking Initiative" - Thanks for being extraordinary.

    This award is handed out for a special recognition for someone helping to advertise for EV, or just generally helping the site out without being asked to specifically do something. We very much appreciate your support to helping make EV the best site it can possibly. There are really unlimited ways to help out around EV, including just participating and giving us feedback or suggestions when you can. This award also comes with a $50 bonus.

  • "Staff Wanna Be" - Looking for that staff badge kid?

    This award is handed out to members that we notice taking the time to help new members out and be helpful around the site. Having such a tight knit community is one thing that we feel makes EV such a wonderful place and we certainly want to show our appreciation. Whether you're goal is to actually apply to become staff or you simply want to help out around EV in whatever way you can, we cannot express how much we appreciate it.

  • "Super Participator" - No one participates like you do!

    This one is pretty self-explanatory! We host so many different little events and contest both IC and OOC and we appreciate every single person who participates. We try to do our best to make playing along worthwhile but some of these things (ahem, scavenger hunts) can be pretty time consuming and having someone take time out of their day to hang out on EV and support the hard work that goes into planning things is absolutely amazing. Sure we put a lot of time into making things for you, but without you guys supporting our work it wouldn't be nearly so amazing.

  • The Member Awards
    "Member Extraordinaire" - "(00/0000) Member Winner
    "Character Extraordinaire" - (00/0000) Character Winner
    "Outstanding Thread" - (00/0000) Thread Winner
    "Favorite Couple" - (00/0000) Couple Winner
    Special & Limited Awards
    are currently only up to 3.

  • "Staff" - I fought the law, and the law won.

    This award is limited to staff members only! Either current or previous, anyone who is or once has been a staff member on EV will find this awesome little bad in their awards section.

  • "WEF 2016-17" - WEF Competitor Award

    This award is limited for the months of September 2016 to February 2017 when our WEF event is running. These are the characters who bought into the competitor category to show in Wellington, FL.

  • "WEF 2016-17" - WEF Spectator Award!

    This award is limited for the months of September 2016 to February 2017 when our WEF event is running. These are the characters who bought into the spectator category to go hang out in Wellington, FL.

  • Show Ribbons
    Our small ribbons are just for the regular shows. We do have big rosettes for the champion riders but they have not been debuted onto EV yet. Check back later!

    (Not pictured because there's a ton of them.)

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    sknned by vanessa of shine and caution