EV is set in a horse based town with riders of all levels grouping together. It's a pretty small place where it's not unusual to know one another but with all our new arrivals, you'll be sure to see a new face here and there!
Hollis Woods, SC
AUGUST, 2017
07/29 Be sure to check out the show survey going on! We have made some changes to the show system and we have opened new shows, so check them out! - Cait

04/11 The show from March is being continued through the month of April. Due to exams (and life) we wanted to give everyone as much time as possible to enter & post! - Renz

02/07 Just wanted to let everyone know that ALL WEF awards have been handed out to those who participated and the sponsorships have been sent out to all of those who competed! This is the LAST month to post in the show if you haven't yet been able to participate but would like to! :) - Renz

01/31 Whoops! First and only update for January! As the month comes to an end I'd like to remind everyone that Feb is the LAST month to participate in WEF! We're also beta testing a new feature during the month of February and if you would like to volunteer I'm accepting 1/2 more people in for that! You don't get to know what it is until you've signed up and then you're sworn to secrecy. LOts of updates around the site in January, hopefully February will be a bit calmer! ♥ Much love, Renz & the Gang.

12/25 MERRY CHRISTMAS BOO-THANGS! Just to let you guys know, things are going to be coming back to normal this week after the holiday craziness & there's fun stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled! ♥ Renz & The Gang.

12/07 Old skin was a bit buggy, put this one up a bit early so thing are still being worked on. Hang tight guys!


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 EV Guide
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Dating a viking.
9-June 16
The guide is out of date as of 6/20/2017. We will be updating with new images ASAP. Thanks for your patience. - EV Secret Service.

EV Tour
what to find & how to find it.
Navigation through the images can be done by clicking them & viewing the larger image. Items are numbered and if you feel something isn't on here that should be please shoot the Admin account a PM and we'll add it in as soon as possible!


Equiventure Front Page

  • #1 Your User CP is where you can go to edit your profile, avatar, signature, add sub-accounts and account settings.
  • #2 Switch Account is simple enough. If you add on Sub-Accounts you will find that you can easily navigate through them all through this drop-down list. If you have any issues please let us know!
  • #3 The top navigation bar is there to help members find certain items quickly. These are mostly official threads that you may wish to check out from time to time. Mainly the rules, which everyone should have read before joining, the News to keep yourself updated on things going on around EV, FAQs if you have questions, the moderation link will direct you to the staff line-up in case you have a private matter you need to bring up.
  • #4 The EV Store link will take you directly to our shop where you can check your bank account, buy or sell items. Please check image #(IMAGE HERE) to get a more indepth look at the shop!
  • #5 The four links to the left of your screen are simple enough but we suggest you check the latest update at least monthly to see what new events are going on around EV! New posts will take you to all the posts from that day that you haven't viewed.
  • #6 These four images are pop-up images that will show you the staff information as well as link you to their character accounts. You can get to know the staff, or see if you'd like to plot with any of their characters.


    Equiventure Store

  • #1 Your inventory will show you all items that you currently hold. Here you can sell items although please refrain from clicking the use button on items as they do not have a functional use built into the store coding. Staff will automatically remove items for you as you use them!
  • #2 In the bank you can view all the money that you have on deposit or on hand. You can also collect interest weekly which will help you increase your savings! Please look at the image below for more information.
  • #3 These are the categories. Special items will be for site events or for celebrations! We had a slew of fun items for December 2016 and we will continue restock those every six months for celebratory reasons!
  • #4 Check out the quiz section here! Cash prizes as well as items can be won here! Quizzes are put up at random. You can also check out how much money you earn per a thread or post!
  • Please note that unless you're an Admin (Renz) or a Senior Mod that you will not see the staff links listed in this screenshot. These are only used for removing items from your inventory as you use them (show entries, sponsorships, horse purchases, breedings, etc).


    Equiventure Bank

  • #1 While I have a 4% Interest Rate this was acquired during a special EV event in December 2016 (it'll come around again), you will find that you have a 2% Interest Rate. This will only help you gain money for whatever money you deposit into the bank.
  • #2 You an only collect interest once a week and you cannot collect your interest if you deposit money before clicking the button on whatever day it is that you decide to go collect. Please make sure you click the button before depositing money!


    Equiventure Show Sign-Up

  • #1 These are all the dates that you need to know! Sign-ups are open the day that the show is posted and typically end a couple of days before final posts are required to be in for judging!
  • #2 These are the classes that are available to be entered. You'll find that for Hunters the heights are listed in feet, the Jumpers are listed in meters. We post a conversion table so that you can easily figure out which height would best suit you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!
  • #3 Standard stuff here, please copy & paste this code for your entry. Each horse & rider combination will require a new post. You can add multiple divisions onto the same form for a horse & rider if you're feeling brave about time! If you are using a sponsorship you must tell us before the closing date for entries! If it's not on the list by then, we will not count it!
  • #4 Our prize lists will vary depending on the level of the show. Here on EV we try to change between schooling shows, rated shows, international/world shows. The bigger the show the bigger the prize you'll get will be.

    Monetary prizes are based off of the number of entrants. If there are 3 entrants for a division you'll receive a percentage of the total entry fees spent.

    If there are three entries the total number of fees would add up to $450. If it was a International or World show you would get 25% of that if you won. $450 x .25 = $112.5 which I would round up to $113.


    Equiventure Show Posting

    For this example we're using a Hunter course & show post from a show. You do NOT have to do your posts exactly like this. We encourage everyone to develop their own style this is merely an example so you can get a feel for it. IF you need to see more please go through and read some of our show archives!

  • #1 This is the course. You will find your courses linked on the sign-up thread. Make sure that you read all information to make sure that you understand the requirements (Hunters have to post a flat class and their jumping thread, Eventers have their Dressage and Jumping, Jumpers have a first round & a jump off. Reiners, Western Pleasure, and Dressage all simply have one post to do with their posted courses.)
  • #2 This is a post example using the pictured image. If you're unclear on things please talk to a staff member who can help you with any other questions you may have!

    Show posts are judged off of a list of things! We read each post and points are added or deducted for certain things (writing errors, realism, quality - which BTW does not mean the length although that usually helps because you've added more descriptions into it, and more). Riders start with a certain number of points, each rider is judged by 2 judges out of our 4 staff members and their totals are averaged together.

    Using a sponsorship automatically adds onto your final score and you can purchase those in the store.

    Staff members cannot judge their own rides, they are judged by another staff member so there is never a conflict of interest.


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    Sure Fame



    Hey Equiventarians,

    One month left to get your trail threads done! One month before shows start back up! We're currently re-working our showing system to make some much needed improvements! If you haven't already we'd love for you take the show survey (link in the announcements board) so that we can take your opinions into consideration. EV is built for the members and we want to hear your thoughts on how to continue to improve the site for you!

    ♥ Renz