EV is set in a horse based town with riders of all levels grouping together. It's a pretty small place where it's not unusual to know one another but with all our new arrivals, you'll be sure to see a new face here and there!
Hollis Woods, SC
AUGUST, 2017
07/29 Be sure to check out the show survey going on! We have made some changes to the show system and we have opened new shows, so check them out! - Cait

04/11 The show from March is being continued through the month of April. Due to exams (and life) we wanted to give everyone as much time as possible to enter & post! - Renz

02/07 Just wanted to let everyone know that ALL WEF awards have been handed out to those who participated and the sponsorships have been sent out to all of those who competed! This is the LAST month to post in the show if you haven't yet been able to participate but would like to! :) - Renz

01/31 Whoops! First and only update for January! As the month comes to an end I'd like to remind everyone that Feb is the LAST month to participate in WEF! We're also beta testing a new feature during the month of February and if you would like to volunteer I'm accepting 1/2 more people in for that! You don't get to know what it is until you've signed up and then you're sworn to secrecy. LOts of updates around the site in January, hopefully February will be a bit calmer! ♥ Much love, Renz & the Gang.

12/25 MERRY CHRISTMAS BOO-THANGS! Just to let you guys know, things are going to be coming back to normal this week after the holiday craziness & there's fun stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled! ♥ Renz & The Gang.

12/07 Old skin was a bit buggy, put this one up a bit early so thing are still being worked on. Hang tight guys!


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Renz 25 EST Third. All. She/Her Offline
Dating a viking.
9-June 16
February 22, 2017
Update Time
Pet License Reminder Please remember that if your character has a non-equine pet (miniature horses do not need licenses) to purchase your pet licence in the store & claim it in the claims area! There is a hefty fine if you do not have a pet license and Mod Cait is keeping her eyes peeled (because she's an evil, evil person http://i67.tinypic.com/2w2ebdw.jpg ).

EV Employment Opportunities What's this? EV is hiring?! Yep! Check out the jobs below and if you are interested in either position please fill out an application and PM it to the Admin account!

Social Media Mod

Jr. Mod Position
- Yep, we're hiring another mod! This person should be active. On at least 4 to 5 times a week and posting/chatting for half an hour! We are looking for someone who is comfortable with the rules, and generally all aspects of the site so that they can answer questions from members. This person will also assist in event set-up with the other staff, help to make EV better, assist with advertising, and help to judge shows (which does NOT mean that you have to have actually shown yourself, cannot stress that enough). Show posts are by far the most consuming portion of being a staff member and they must be DONE by the 10th of every month. This gives you almost two weeks from end date to due date to get it done.

If you are interested in either position please PM the form below to us. We do not have a date set for when we are picking our new staff members.

[b]Name:[/b]   [b]Age:[/b] [b]Member Since:[/b] Not sure? This can be found in your main profile, OR mini-profile. [b]Applying For:[/b] Social Media Mod / Jr. Mod [b]Previous Staff Exp:[/b] Have you been a mod/admin anywhere else? What did your duties include? Are you CURRENTLY a staff member anywhere else? Would this affect your abilities to help on EV? [b]Activity Level:[/b] How would you describe your activity level? What limitations would you possibly have? How willing are you to work with the rest of the staff to get things done? [b]Concerns/Questions:[/b] Anything that you're unsure about as far as becoming staff. *A knowledge of coding is completely unnecessary as Renz handles it. [b]Other:[/b] You can put whatever else you can think of here (why you feel you would be the best fit, whatever, just say hi if you feel like it.... I'm serious).

MARCH SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! Onto the thing I'm ACTUALLY excited about! I am proud to announce that our March Show is a very special show. We are teaming up with Blue Ridge Riding Academy to host a joint show for all the members! While I will get a separate post up with the full information for that by March 1st here's some information that you might want now....

  • This show will be COMPLETELY free to participate in.
  • I will be awarding money, points, and ribbons as usual and for EV we will count this as a Rated/Regional show!
  • EVERYONE can participate (and we hope you all do).
  • The show will be hosted on a third party site (not EV & not BRRA but a site created specifically for this purpose) which you do not have to register on to post.

    Got questions about ANYTHING on this announcement? Please post below or PM Renz.

    Oh and btw, yay spring color change over.

    Okay all done. http://i65.tinypic.com/25s4f87.jpg


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    Hey Equiventarians,

    One month left to get your trail threads done! One month before shows start back up! We're currently re-working our showing system to make some much needed improvements! If you haven't already we'd love for you take the show survey (link in the announcements board) so that we can take your opinions into consideration. EV is built for the members and we want to hear your thoughts on how to continue to improve the site for you!

    ♥ Renz