welcome to Equiventure! Established in June 2016 EV is an active, welcoming, and relatively unlimited real life equestrian rpg. We focus both on day-to-day life and competitions.
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Dating a Viking.
EV Scavenger Hunt #3
Holy moly!
EV's Third Scavenger Hunt!k For the very first time ever the scavenger hunt will be for POINTS not MONEY! This is HUGE. So basically, anyone who is planning on competing here on EV with even one character should definitely take advantage of this (and if you're not, take advantage and I'll trade it out with some sort of cash value for you just to be nice).

This is EXACTLY what it sounds like. I (Renz) will be hiding images (larger sized emojis that the ones we use in the cbox & forums) that you will then hunt down. You will have until the last day of March to find all 14 emojis and message the list to me. Please note that Cait & Madi do not know the hiding places, this is to ensure that they are able to participate as well.

The first place prize will be 2 first place point additions for your character in their discipline.
Second place will be 1 first and 1 second place point additions.
Third place will be 1 first and 1 third place point additions
Fourth and lower will be 1 first place point addition if you find all 14.
Find only 2 to 6 emojis and get 1 third place point addition.
Find 7 to 13 emojis and get 1 second place point addition.

Why do points matter? We have a very special event planned in the future that we are not ready to disclose but we want to help everyone get onto the point rankings and start working their way up! We have other opportunities planned but with so many new characters we thought this would be a great place to start!

If you are in the top three you can break up the awarded placings between two characters.

To help you get started here's your first emoji.

Happy hunting.


1. Jessi 1 hour and 42 minutes, holy crap!! (All 14)
2. Cait Roughly 14 hours!! (All 14)
3. Pride And on the third day we had Pride. (All 14)
4. Echo (All 14)


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